Implementing 4–20 mA Sensor Interface


4–20 mA Output General Characteristics

Figure 1: 4–20 mA Loop Schematic
Figure 2: Schematic Diagram of Electronic Circuit Interface

Schematic Diagram

Figure 3: Schematic Diagram of Sensor Interface
Figure 4: Schematic Diagram of Sensor Interface


Figure 5: Oxygen Concentration Level Block Diagram
Figure 6: PGA Configuration
Figure 7: ADC Configuration
Figure 8: System Diagram
Figure 9: System Diagram
Figure 10: LUT4 Configuration
Figure 11: PIN8 Configuration
Figure 12: PIN18 Configuration
Figure 13: PIN19 Configuration
Figure 14: Matrix0 Block Diagram
Figure 15: Matrix 1 Block Diagram


Figure 16: Pin 18 Oxygen Concentration Low-Level Detection
Figure 17: Pin 19 Oxygen Concentration High-Level Detection




Renesas’ Family of Programmable Mixed-Signal ASICs

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